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Real Propert Law

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Real Propert Law

Real property law is a pretty extensive and difficult subsection of law with its details and exceptions. In this field, ones who do not get legal counselling, face many difficulties and in some cases they can cause serious problems in the future.
Our services in this field:
– Construction In Return for Flat Contracts
(We offer consultancy and advocacy service in preparation of contracts and the cases that may emerge from these contracts.)
– Real Estate Preliminary Sales Contract
( It is a preliminary contract that gives the right to request contract of sale of an immovable. Its aim is to ensure the concluding of the master agreement.)
– Giving Counselling Service Pursuant to Relevant Legislation About Real Estate Buying and Selling, Preparation of Required Contracts
– Creation, Termination Operations of The Limited Real Rights Such as Tenancy, Residence and Preemption
– Restitution Claim
(It is the case that can be opened against a person who unjustly holds the owners property, by proprietor to request his/her asset back. If the possession of the property is movable; the execution of the decision that will be made after the trial provides it. If the land registration of an immovable is available, the function of trover is implemented by the lawsuit for correction of land registry.
– Possessory Actions – Actio Negatoria
(This case prevents the continuing attack that is on the owner’s possession and thus his/her right of ownership. It gives the owner to right to defend against a confiscation in a circumstance that unjustly hampers the owner’s prerogatives emerged from his/her right of ownership to be used.)
– Adequate Pay Case
( It is the claim for damages that sued with respect to the probable income that can be obtained with the pre-occupation value of immovable, due to the occupation or seizure of the immovable by 3rd persons.)
– Elimination of Joint Ownership Case
( It is case that ends joint property or right of usage on an immovable by means of sharing or selling.)
– Land Registration and Recision Case
( These cases are opened when land registration, facility and post modification reasons are not healthy in order to re-arrenge, seize or re-enroll the geographic conditions and measurement states of land registrations because of land registrations that carry illegitimacies.)
– Disputes About Commonhold
( Counselling and case services in legal controversies arised out of law of property ownership such as construction servitude, creation of commonhold, disputes on administration of the main immovable, actio negatoria and cancellation of board of property owners’ decisions are offered.)
– Determination and Adaptation of the Rent
( Adaptation of rent contract case is opened with the request of synchronizing the rent contract that is signed between counterparties with the subsequent conditions. Determination of the rent case is filed when the increment is not written on the contract and the counterparties cannot compromise on the price)
– Eviction Cases