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Traffic Accidents

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Traffic Accidents

TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS Both the transportation of every kind of goods and products and travels that are made in the cause of business or private life, intensify the traffic flow. In consequence of the developing technology, reaching to vehicles and even buying them became easier than ever. Hundreds of new vehicles that get involved in traffic everyday, are obviously one of the reasons that causes traffic density. Under these circumstances, today’s human being has to learn how to live with it. Traffic rules are regulated in our law with Highway Traffic Law number 2918. In the third article of this law, traffic is described as “movements and positions of pedestrians, animals and vehicles on highways”. Both laws and ordinary traffic rules try to provide the security in traffic, however, it is not possible to prevent traffic accidents that end up with loss of life and property. Our services in this field: Vehicle Depreciation Cases Accident Process Consultancy Lawsuit for Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages Insurance Cases